What is Hydroplaning and How to Avoid it

Hydroplaning can happen when there is too much water underneath the tires of a vehicle and can't be dispersed fast enough. This separates the tires from the road and can cause the car to skid or slide. Hydroplaning can occur whenever the surface of the road is wet, but the most dangerous conditions occur after a light rain that mixes with oil on the road and creates a slippery surface, ideal for hydroplaning

Both on the road and off, follow these tips to avoid hydroplaning: Buy good quality tires and keep them properly inflated. Replace tires when necessary and have them rotated frequently. When the roads are wet, lower your speed and avoid puddles and standing water. Avoid the outer lanes and follow the tire tracks of the cars in front. Turn off cruise control, don't make sharp or quick turns, and avoid braking hard.

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